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We will work closely with you to match your logo with the right clothing and branding solution. It is important to ensure the logo and garments complement each other. We provide swatch samples of your embroidered logo, so you can touch and feel the real thing.

All embroidery is done inhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digitising?

Digitising is the process of creating a specific file (in stitches) of your design or logo that can be used for embroidery, which involves formatting the design so our embroidery program recognises it and can use different coloured threads to stitch the design onto the garments.

Why Pick Embroidery?

Embroidery can be applied to most garments, from polos and caps, to corporate & Hi Vis shirts, towels and selected bags & offers a permanent & a prestigious and professional branding solution.

The embroidery threads we use are durable and will withstand hundreds of washes. On top of that, we have a huge selection of coloured threads, so we can match most colours to the embroidery thread ensuring your branding is seamless.

What file formats do we need for digitising our logos for embroidery?

We like EPS, AI or vector PDF file but it is not necessary for embroidery.   Jpegs files can be used for embroidery however they need to be clear & legible (the better the quality the better your result in Embroidery)

Can I supply my own garments?

Yes, you can!

Can Color Studio supply our garments?

Yes!, just let us know what you need & if it is one of our suppliers, we can certainly help you.

Is there a cost for digitising?

Yes. Unless you can provide an EMB file (scalable embroidery file)                                    Cost will depend on the complexity of the design

Designing our new logo what do we need to think about for embroidery?

When creating a logo keep in mind if you are wanting it embroidered the simpler the design it will translate better into stitches. A more open design will allow fabric to drape better more naturally. If your design has small lettering, consider how it will look in stitches.  Remember simple is best!

The other thing we find when you design your logo, you usually want it embroidered on your shirts above a pocket or on a cap, keep in mind your design needs to be landscape rather than portrait.

See what your logo will look like if you bring your design down to approx. 80 -100mm wide X 50mm high.  This is a good indicator of what your embroidery size will be.

 If you would like us to look at your design when you are getting your logo created please feel free to come see us & we will advise you what it will look like or where you can change your design to suit embroidery as well.

What can be embroidered?

Embroidery as a branding process is most suited for clothing, caps, towels and selected bags & offers a permanent & stylish branding solution.

However, we will try unusual things as well. We’ve embroidered Vinyl for boats & cars, (ask your upholster to contact us to sort this), Toilet paper was a very interesting challenge, but the client was very happy.  Please contact us if you have a different idea & we will let you know if it is doable.

Is there a minimum order?

No! unlike screen printing & sublimation where there is a min of 10. Embroidery you can do just 1 item.

How long does it take to complete my order?

Turnaround does depend on the workload at the time as well as your order, quantity and service required.  Our aim for all our clients is a quick turn-around time. Please discuss this at the time, it could be that we can get out today or a week or 2 depending on your time requirements as well.

How much does it cost for embroidery?

The cost of embroidery depends on the size and detail of the logo and the quantity of garments being embroidered. Send your logo to us for an embroidery quote. A one-off set-up fee applies to embroidery orders.

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